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Scalp Micropigmentation is an ideal solution for clients considering or that have already undergone a transplant procedure. For clients before a transplant procedure the SMP treatment can help improve hair density prior to FUT or FUE surgeries. Post surgery our treatments help conceal the scars that FUT and FUE treatments can leave on the back of the scalp.

SMP gives the instant appearance of improved hair density. In the weeks prior to a hair restoration surgery SMP can lessen the dramatic jump in appearance, pre surgery to post surgery. We recommend SMP as a visual filler 4-6 weeks prior to hair surgery if elected.

Post surgery scalp micropigmentation can drastically reduce the appears of post operation scars. These scars are caused by the removal of hair follicles for transplant and typically leave a row (or rows) of scars along the back of the head. SMP can be preformed 6 months post op or later depending on doctors guidance and your natural healing process.

Pre FUT or FUE Surgery

  • Improved hairline
  • Improved Density appearance
  • 4-6 weeks prior to operation

Post FUT or FUE Surgery

  • Fantastic concealment of back of the head scars
  • Better visual concealment than other treatments
  • Can be added to touch up areas impacted by surgery
  • Completed 6+ months after surgery

Great option for FUE / FUT scar concealment!

As you can see SMP is a great solution for hairline scars.

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