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You want to choose an artist that has the experience to understand your unique hair situation and has completed certified training under an experience practitioner of Scalp Micropigmentation. Brandon speaks from years of experience but first learned of SMP when managing his own hairline issues.  So  impressed from the results he began to learn the trade and was certified by an early master of the craft.  Now having completed hundreds of SMP sessions he is one of the leading practitioners in the Carolina’s.   Having completed SMP sessions on a variety of clients – both men and women from all races.  He has the experience to help you regain your confidence and make those obvious issues less noticeable. 

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Simpilily use the contact us button below or give us a call to schedule your initial consultation. We will make sure you are a good match for our services and will review your hair issues to make sure SMP is the correct treatment for your unique situation. 


Since SMP procedures are applying high quality pigments in natural progression to your hairline having a healthy and ready scalp can help improve the overall results of the process. The pigments are applied into the dermis layer of the skin (about the thickness of a dime deep) and typically generates minimal discomfort. Most people would rate the pain as a 2-4 on a scale to 10.  

Before your SMP session you should be well rested, eat a healthy meal, keep hydrated, and avoid foods or activities that would raise your blood pressure like working out, spicy food, or caffeine.

The SMP artist may apply vaseline to help smooth and manage the scalp if it appears dry or stubborn.   See pre care for additional tips on what to do before a session. 


Your personal scalp micropigmentation journey will vary based on your natural hair line and density and how advanced your hair loss is.  Most clients typically start to consider hair treatments as they approach a level 2 or 2a on the Norwood Scale for hair loss.  Clients should expect to pay $1500 –  $5500 for traditional SMP with the price increasing as they move into more advanced hair loss.  The average client pays around $3000 for the total scalp micropigmentation process.  

If you need scar concealment or part density increase you would expect to pay between $800 – $2000 depending on severity.  

To make sure the procedure is a good fit for your unique situation we offer a complimentary initial consultation to review your hair issues and hopefully present a workable solution.  

You want your skin to be:

  1. Free from dry skin
  2. Free of recent sun damage
  3. Cleansed thoroughly before treatment
  4. Oxygenated – If you wear a hat or hair piece please mention

What is NOT ideal?

  1. Dry Skin (minor case can be managed with Vaseline to the affected areas)
  2. Sun Damage Skin (recent sun damage or burn is a concern. Sun Spots can be treated with pigment without issue)
  3. Scars, “leathery” or brittle skin can be treated, but a modified and more conservative approach will be used.

Redness and irritation is normal and will subside in 1-3 days

Wash your hair with a light shampoo the day after treatment and continue your regular regimen thereafter. For longer hair, wait 2 days to wash

No Sweating profusely for 3 – 7 days after each treatment

No soaking in water (pool, ocean, hot tub, etc) for 2 weeks after each treatment

Avoid direct sun exposure for 1 week. Can use sunblock after 1 week

Don’t wear a hat for 2 days, afterwards, needs to be clean and loose fitting for 1 week

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