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Indian Trail Hair Loss Solutions

Men commonly look for Indian Trail hair loss solutions because of male pattern baldness. Why does this problem happen, and how can you treat it? There are some potential alternatives that will either slow your hair loss, or possibly even help you regrow your hair. But if those hair loss solutions in Indian Trail NC don’t work, turn to scalp micropigmentation, or SMP. An expert with Barber Ink SMP will be more than happy to tell you more.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

MPB will often make men seek out Indian Trail hair loss solutions. This is a condition typically associated with genetics, as well as a loss of testosterone. Men will usually first notice that their hairline is receding, then they will eventually see thinning hair on the crown of their scalp. When that happens, it’s time to start looking into hair loss solutions in Indian Trail NC.


Again, MPB will usually start at the hairline. You might see it slowly move backward, eventually forming a shape that looks much like the letter “M.” Then, you might see a bald spot start to form at the back of your head, and gradually expand. Eventually, many men will only have a U-shaped pattern of hair around the back and side of their head.


There are a few hair loss solutions in Indian Trail NC that could help treat MPB. These include Rogaine, a solution that can slow hair loss and, in some instances, result in a regrowth of hair. Some men find success taking pills that can show results. The unfortunate fact is that even these scientifically-proven methods don’t work for everyone with MPB.

Some men opt for a hair transplant, which involves moving the hair they have from the back of the head to the top and front. While this can work, it’s very expensive, and often very painful.

You might want to consider SMP if other Indian Trail hair loss solutions either don’t work, or they cost too much. Contact Barber Ink SMP online or call (704) 622-0295 to learn more.

Why choose us?

No matter the case or the person sitting in the chair, the outcome is usually the same, joy and gratitude. There are a lot emotions involved in this and seeing men and women get emotional only makes me more passionate about what I do. The best part of a session is the look on a clients face when they look in the mirror and what they have to say about the results.

What Clients Say

A must have for guys who have thinning or receding hairlines. It was major for me. Gave me my confidence back. Excellent service and comfortable environment. I definitely recommend!

Tyson R

When I say this is a game changer I’m not exaggerating. I always wore ball caps because I was self-conscious about my bald head. Now I never wear hats. My head now looks like i just got a hair cut all the time. Even friends I’ve known forever have no clue it isn’t real. If you’re thinking about doing this just do it. You won’t regret it. The environment is extremely professional and Brandon takes great pride in what he does. I’d have done it sooner if I had any clue how awesome it would be

Eric R

They went above and beyond to accommodate my disabled husband. Also did a great job. Highly recommended.

Susan M